Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 3 - Continuous Lines and Machine Patterns

In our design work this week we practised continuous line drawing. 
Using a black biro we had to draw a row of pebbles from left to right without stopping or taking our pen off the paper. Once done with the dominant hand we went on to repeat with the non-dominant hand and then covering our hand and just looking at the pebbles and not the paper. We also practised some cross-hatching.

In our stitch work we got our sewing machines out for the first time. Once we had proved that we could handle our machines we were invited to choose a background fabric, a selection of wools and yarns and a sheer top layer. We placed the wools and yarns under the sheer fabric and then used machine stitch patterns in blocks to decorate the surface. This was great fun and it is amazing what you can do with various stitches that you don't normally have cause to use. Here is my finished piece - the amount of embroidery has pulled it out of shape.


I had another go at home - I wanted to use a single colour to get a different effect so I went for a winter-inspired theme. The circles are pieces of satin and twinkle crepon from my stash and I left some areas un-stitched for contrast. The background is a piece of my wedding dress fabric, stiffened with interfacing and the top layer is white tulle.

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