Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 18 - Embroidered Box

On to the topic of 3D shapes this week which primarily involved making a fabric box. We started by marking out a 'shape net' on card, using a ruler and set square to get it as accurate as possible and then cut it out to make our template.

We drew round the template on to craft-weight Vilene, which is quite thick, pinned it onto felt and sewed round all the lines. Then we cut it out as accurately and close to the stitching as possible.
Next we pinned this right-side up onto the back of our chosen fabric, sandwiching the Vilene in the middle. I chose a Sanderson type furnishing fabric. Starting in the middle we attached the layers by sewing patterns - I chose to do free-machining in circles but grid-lines, machine patterns or other patterns of free-machining were all options.
I kept going until all the shape was covered in stitching. I really liked the effect of the circular stitch on the dark green felt so I was thinking of having this on the outside of my box instead of the fabric.
To finish off the edges you attach a cord. We made ours by zig-zagging twice over 3 lengths of wool. You need to measure all the way round the edge and the central folds to make sure that you have enough. Starting in an inner corner, we attached it to the edge of the fabric shape using a zig-zag. Once this was done I attached it over the fold lines to frame the central rectangle and pulled it through the other side to finish off. I liked the contrast of the edging with the fabric so this was going to be the outside. I think I maybe should have been much bolder with my choice of edging colours.
Then came assembly - force edges together and zig-zag. This gets harder the more sides you have sewn up.
Finally I attached some little wooden beads as feet using a hot-glue gun. I did it this way because I didn't want any stitching to show round the outside of the beads if I had sewn them on plus, of course, it is nice a quick to do! Another option I considered was rolled felt for the feet but thought the natural wood went better with my fabric.

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