Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 27 - Hand-stitch piece completed

My handstitch piece is finally finished! I really pushed myself this weekend to get it done.
First I tackled the Knapweed petals. I used 2 slightly different colours of pink and stitched multiple rows of Velvet Stitch and then cut the loops to make the tufts. 

Then I stitched the Cow Parsley leaf. The central stem is in Split Stitch like the main stem and the leaves are in Twisted Chain, which I have never used before. I like how it has come out although I had my doubts whilst stitching it.
Then I completed the Cow Parsley heads. I modified a star Blackwork pattern to create the small flowers and then free-stitched the joining lines in Back Stitch.

Finally I added some Running Stitch 'clouds'. These are in 2 strands of white floss but I think they should be bolder in hind-sight.

This is the back of the piece - always interesting to see! It will be hidden forever once I mount it properly.

Finally, I have had to make a folder to present all my supporting info, designer/maker research and samples in. It is an A3 folder with a pocket in the back. In the centre I have stitched 4 pages to display my design artwork and mounted the stitch samples on the front. I have called my piece 'Wasteland'.

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