Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 28 - Making beads

This week at college we made beads out of all kinds of paper and fabric. They are all made in a similar way - cut a shape like one of these patterns and roll round a knitting needle or kebab stick (use a kebab stick if heating with a heat gun so it doesn't get too hot). Paper beads are stuck with PVA glue and fabric can be held by stitches or wrapping with thread.

We also used salt dough to make some beads - poke a large hole through as it can puff up and close the hole up.
Here are my best ones. From the top:

  • Green fabric wrapped with gold metallic thread and red glitzy trim glued on in bands.
  • Salt dough painted with acrylic paints and highlighted with metallic rub-on oil paint.
  • Salt dough disc as above
  • Outer beads are rolled patterned paper, next two and middle centre are craft vilene daubed with fabric paint and wrapped with thread, middle top is two layers of sheer fabric with neon thread in between rolled and heated with a heat gun, middle bottom is gold card.
  • Outer beads are blue tissue paper wrapped round a drinking straw, covered in PVA glue and wrapped with gold metallic thread, inner two are Kunin felt wrapped with metallic thread,
  • Outer beads are white Kunin felt heated with a heat gun, second from left is ordinary felt and sheer fabrics wrapped together and heated with a heat gun, third from left is Kunin felt wrapped with green thread.
We also made sequins from found materials all sewn here onto scrunched brown paper. Clockwise from top left are 
  • pumpkin seeds with hole punched using a leather punch highlighted with silver metallic rub-on once sewn on, 
  • squares of gold card some with holes punched out all sewn on in different ways, 
  • pieces of cereal bag inner sewn directly onto the backing
  • triangles of plastic drinks bottle distorted in boiling water - the ones cut from the length of the bottle curl up more tightly than the ones cut across the width of the bottle
Quite a fun activity this week - my favourite beads are the blue tissue paper ones and the cereal bag inner made a surprisingly beautiful trim.

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