Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 29 - Progressing 'Pylon Sky'

Last week and this week I have been getting on with my machine-stitch piece. As you can see I have finished 3 of the 4 panels. I decided to make it in quarters as the whole piece is 80cm square and I think that has proved to be the right decision. As I am going to bond the main cross-ribs on afterwards I can hide the join underneath them. It does mean that I have had to cut out each quarter with reference to its neighbour so that the colours will look like they flow across the sky. I am going to fray them once I have finished all 4 so that I can ensure that I am fraying them in equal amounts and getting the subtle effects created by the cutting back and fraying flowing across the panels where necessary. I am really enjoying making this piece and I think it is going to look really strong when it is finished.

I have now finished mounting up my hand-stitch piece. I re-did the clouds in the sky with a thicker thread first. It is mounted on 2 layers of foam-core board topped with a layer of white felt.

On the back it is held in place by lacing it across with sewing thread. You do the long edges first and then the short edges, trimming off the excess fabric at the corners and then finally sewing down the corners. You can see the lines of dirt from handling the embroidery on the frame!
Finally, I had another family birthday card to make this week. I had some pieces left over from my original art work for 'Wasteland' so I used them to create a mini version of the Shepherd's Purse mounted onto a cream card blank, topped with a rectangle of brown paper.

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