Sunday, March 2, 2014

Photo canvas

I have been driving myself crazy making photo canvases for a number of significant birthdays since Christmas. I love looking back through all the photos so it takes a long time to select the candidate pictures. I did this on Picasa, which is the photo editing and organising programme I use from Google. You can 'star' your best photos to narrow it down and then I created 'albums' within Picasa to get it down to the final selection and crop them to shape.

I bought 50cm square canvases and painted the backgrounds with acrylic paint. For this canvas I cropped the photos to a square and then sized them all to 12cm squares to print out on ordinary copy paper. I used Matt Gel Medium to stick the photos to the canvas and also applied this over the top to protect them. I found through trial and error that it was less likely to wrinkle if I applied the gel medium to the back of the photo rather than the canvas.

For my daughter's canvas below I wanted a less formal look so I printed out the photos in rough so that they were no larger than 9cm if they were rectangular and made up my design on a piece of brown paper first. I could then work out if any photos needed to be re-sized to fit better. I made up the canvas in the same way, finishing with a couple of wooden tablets I bought, that had special messages on.

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