Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tea-flora tales

This is my contribution to Cas Holmes' collective art piece to raise awareness for the Plantlife charity. Anyone can make a small panel and send it to Cas for inclusion in the artwork.

The 'rules' are explained on Cas' blog but in summary Cas wants pieces that incorporate paper with text, floral fabric and a tea-bag or wrapper. I don't drink tea so Cas extended this to 'beverage of your choice' on our course last week, hence my use of my water bottle label. I hope she approves!

My reason for creating this piece is to highlight the fact that water is vital for all plants to grow and although we have had more than our fair share of rain this winter in Britain, we all have to conserve and make efficient use of water - we can't leave it up to others.

I have used some tea-stained calico as the backing and then added a patch with an umbrella from my daughters' cot quilt. This dictated the colour scheme for the rest of the piece and the black and white edging to the umbrella patch also drove me to use more graphic fabrics. I used scraps of dressmaking fabric and lace and overlaid them with some glitter spot tulle to suggest rain. There is a strip of sari silk down the left. I stitched on the water bottle label and then added further hand-stitching for the rain. Finally I found the words 'Water Fairies' in a child's book and added my own text above. The background for this text was too yellow, so I dulled it down with Inktense pencils before sewing the paper on.

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