Sunday, September 3, 2017

Layering stitches 1.4

I was looking forward to this challenge -using running stitch in different directions and different threads to create 6 different effects.

In the first square I tried horizontal and vertical stitches in a space dyed thread. The 3cm square wasn't really big enough to show off the colours in the thread.

In the next square I stitched the same thread in a rainbowshaped pattern and then overlayed it with straight lines radiating out from the bottom centre in aqua and pink dressmaking cotton in the same needle.

I used dressmaking cotton mixed in the needle again for the third square top right. This time it was 2 strands each of pink and black. I stitched even rows vertically and then stitched over them horizontally, catching them in groups of 3, with 2 strands of blue dressmaking cotton. I added the rows in between to add to the decorative effect.

For the next square bottom left, I again used a space dyed thread, stitching each direction on an angle to cross over in places. Again due to the small size of square I don't thi k the effect is very clear.

The final 2 squares combined thick and thin threads at different angles. The one bottom right is more successful as the combination of pink and blue in the same needle over the white gives an interesting colour effect.

I can see that a large area covered in different directions of layered running stitch would be very interesting and an exciting background perhaps. The scale of these samples just didn't bring that out. One to come back to.

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