Sunday, September 3, 2017

New Directions for Running Stitch 1.3

This module the challenge was to make a cohesive design over a 9 square grid using 3 different colours of thread and only running stitch but in different directions.

I sketched out an idea and then began to stitch it. We were advised to leave a 5mm gap between each square to make the design clearer. Unfortunately my bottle and glass abstract design was not working for me. I didn't like the gaps between the squares - they seemed really artificial. I found that I was avoiding my needlework so I decided to give up on it.

I sketched out another grid of squares and worked up a new design based on another sketch in my notebook. This was based on a design I had previously used in my City and Guilds course and was more abstract. I chose cream, grey-purple and gold threads. The main challenge was in which direction to make the running stitches for the best effect. You can see that in the top left box, which was the first I stitched, that I made the horizontal part in slanting stitches but I wasn't happy with it. I realised that I could angle the gaps between the stitches to imply perspective and felt happier with the effect. Therefore I carried on this way for the remaining squares. I realised that if I rotated the colours so that the colour in the horizontal bar was repeated in the vertical on the row below it would add to the 3D effect.

Having struggled with this challenge at the start I was pleased with the end result on this second sample and enjoyed making it.

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