Tuesday, July 24, 2012

T shirt printing

Today I did a project that I have been meaning to do for ages - ever since I printed black fabric with white emulsion for my applique birds piece.

First I messed around printing objects in black on white paper. I used pen tops, screw heads, erasers, beads - anything I could find. I settled on a linear design - the picture on the right is a photo of the printing on white paper reversed in Picasa to check it would look ok in white on black as the T shirt I had bought to print on was a dark grey marl.
This is the finished result. I used white fabric paint tipped onto a folded piece of damp kitchen towel in a dish as my 'ink pad'. After doing the linear design I branched out into these stars - the smallest dots are made by dipping a blunt pencil into the paint.
And here is the back - probably neater than the front as I had got my eye by now!

On the T shirt are all the things I used to print with - I love printing! I intend to wear this T shirt to the gym.

And also this week I have got round to joining Pinterest - a visual pin board for everything on the web that you want to keep as inspiration - see here.


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