Saturday, July 7, 2012

Week 32 - Hanging Exhibition

It has been a very busy week. I finally finished off my written backup work for my machine-stitch piece - 'Pylon Sky'. The picture here shows the main inside spread and the front cover before it was attached to the front. I used the folding technique from on our Shape Books to make the pages into a more readable size.

Then on Monday we spent most of the day hanging and setting out our work for the exhibition. 

My 'Pylon Sky' piece was able to hang in a window, which showed it off to its best advantage.

My 'Wasteland' hand-stitch piece was on the wall next to the other pieces from our class.

This is Kim's work - hand-stitch at the top based on an abstract collage design she made and her fabulous machine-stitch piece based on her childhood in Singapore.

These are Jo's pieces - the top is her twinkling hand-stitched 'Galaxy' and the bottom is an incredibly neat hanging based on the ceiling of a palace in Spain.
This is Yvonne's work - an unusual hand-stitched decorative skirt panel, based on the design of some wrought iron gates, with shisha mirror embelishment and at the bottom is a beautifully personal machine-stitch piece about her mom who is Jamaican.

Finally, this is Jan's amazingly textured machine-stitched 'Cliff Face', using faux-chenille and manipulated fabric, and below her lovely hand-stitched cushion.

Finally, a bit of fun from my recent weekend away in Bruges. All these doors were in the town centre and I find them all so beautiful and interesting that I just had to take photos. There's a future craft project in here somewhere!

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