Sunday, July 2, 2017

Running stitch variations 1.1

I've signed up for a new course - Exploring Texture and Pattern. It is an online course created by Sue Stone and sons. It is based around 15 stitch challenges, which appealed to me to provide some structure to get back into active practice.

This is my first sample. The challenge was to use only running stitch, varying stitch length, spacing and type of thread to make each square different.

In the top left I used stone stranded cotton and I think it would be interesting to print onto it as I imagine the print would be stronger on the stitches than the background so would break up nicely.

In top right I used a hairy thread and realised that I had to use a longer stitch length to show this quality in the thread.

Bottom left is a space dyed rayon. Bottom right is an ecru wool. I like this square the most and I can imagine using a short stitch like this to show light on water or spots of colour for flowers in a meadow.

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