Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mixing in the needle 1.2

The next stitch challenge in my new course is focussed on using 2 threads in the needle to create different effects. We are asked to keep to running stitch only but can again vary stitch length and spacing.

As last time we were asked to stitch in a 4 block grid. In the top left square I used black and white dress making polycotton. I used 3 strands of each colour in the needle. I like the broken effect. It would be effective where one of the colours was similar to the background.

In the square top right we were asked to choose complementary colours. I started by using 3 strands of each from stranded cotton but I found that the colours didn't mix as well as in the first square. When I had to rethread my needle I tried separating out all the strands and recombining before threading up. This gave a much better result. I also played with leaving the tails on the front at the start of each row. Usually this would feel too messy for my liking but I think the result is interesting.

The third square, bottom left, used a boucle type cotton in blue with fine pink silk to show 2 different weights. This was really hard to sew even though I swapped to my fattest sharp. Not an enjoyable bit of sewing!

Finally I added some shiny pink rayon to the ecru wool I used in my last sample. It probably looks a bit like toothpaste! It is not quite as effective as just the wool in my last challenge.

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